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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

1,111 Colnectors became our contributors!

Today we are celebrating a very important and beautiful occasion
1,111 contributors on Colnect!

What does this number actually mean? It means that 1,111 passionate collectors from all over the world spend their free time helping Colnect happen. They are so open-hearted to share their knowledge, time and expertise to bring more value to Colnect catalog so collectors from different countries could use it and enjoy their hobby of collecting.

Day by day Colnect is getting bigger and better and every single catalog is increasing in quality and quantity. Colnect is able to deliver information about collectibles around the world in the best way thanks to the group of hardworking collectors who are putting their effort into helping out fellow collectors to get what they desire.

In just two years the number of contributors jumped up from 777 to 1,111. We are happy that so many people are ready to dedicate their time to make the experience of collecting more enjoyable for those who share same passions and interests. It’s admirable what every single one of these collectors has done.

We would like to thank everyone for being a part of this amazing community which keeps on getting better. You guys are truly amazing and we appreciate everything you do. Every catalog on Colnect is what it is because of your contribution.

Colnect has been built by collectors just like you. If you wish to contribute to our growing community of collectors and start making catalog better for other fellow collectors then you can add new items, add images and information to already existing items, help to translate catalog to your language, edit the catalog, write wiki articles, and even create your own categories.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

83,838 postcards on Colnect reached!

Colnect catalog is growing fast and this year we marked passing two milestones of Colnect postcard category - 66,666 and 77,777 postcards. Now it's time to add more variety to the milestone numbers and we are happy to celebrate the new awesome milestone of 

83,838 postcards!

It`s hard to express how much we appreciate the work of dedicated coordinators of Postcard category, Vadym Sulimenko [Dravec] and Grzegorz Pająk [quarteris]. Thank you for all the things you do to keep the category grow and develop.

Also, Postcard catalog wouldn`t be so beautiful, diverse and impressive without the great contribution of the editors, translators, and contributors. Thank you, collectors!

For the last four months, more than 6,060 postcards from 132 countries were added to the catalog. The most of them are from Germany, Federal Republic, USSR, and Italy.

Recently added postcards feature 347 themes. The most popular of them are Townscapes/City Views, Buildings, Architecture, and Landscapes.

Want to join us as a contributor? Please read our Postcards Catalog Contribution Guidelines. You can learn more details on how to contribute to Colnect on the Contributor Guide.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

More than 66,666 Hotel Key Cards!

A year and a half ago, we were celebrating 50,005 Hotel Key Cards on the catalog. Now, over 16,666 Hotel Key Cards later, we are proud to mark the new milestone of 66,666 Hotel Key Cards, showing that the catalog is only growing faster and better as the milestones pass.
"Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort - Queen of hearts" Canadian hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog
With a rate of over 1,666 cards added every month, Colnect now features a catalog with Hotel Key Cards from 196 countries, 2,907 hotel chains and 292 themes.
"Hostal de la Gavina ***** GL" Spanish hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog
We would like to thank the coordinators of the category, Ignacio F López Vico [iflvico] and Angel L. Nebro [a1954], for their wonderful work on the hotel key cards catalog.

"Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort" Egyptian hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog
We would also like to express our appreciation for the contributors who make, by adding card after card, this catalog look the way it does today.
"Carlton Inter-Continental Cannes" French hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog
Would like to help add key cards to the catalog? Learn more on the Contributor Guide.

"Park Silver Obelisco Hotel" Argentinian hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog

Monday, October 24, 2016

Over 33,333 Beer Coasters!

There are now over 33,333 Beer Coasters on the Colnect catalog!
"1664" French Beer Coaster, from the Colnect catalog
Since it started in January 2011, the catalog grew and developed, raising quality as it goes along.
"Siebenstern Brau" Austrian Beer Coaster, from the Colnect catalog
The catalog features coasters from 158 countries and 5,552 brands (!).
"'t Geheim van de Smit" Netherlands Beer Coaster, from the Colnect catalog
We would like to thank the coordinator of the category, fugitive, for his dedicated management of the catalog for over 4 years that has brought it to where it is today.
"Adambrau" Austrian Beer Coaster, from the Colnect catalog
We would also like to thank the great contributors of the Beer Coasters catalog, without which, there will be no coasters :)
"Timothy Taylor's" UK Beer Coaster, from the Colnect catalog
Would like to help add coasters to the catalog? Learn more on the Contributor Guide help page.
"Wilkenburger" German Beer Coaster, from the Colnect catalog

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

3,333 Admission Tickets on Colnect

Only a little more than half a year passed since we have announced the start of the new catalog of Admission Tickets. In its beginning, the category included 989 tickets, and it has a come a long way since then.
"Trumper" USA Disneyland admission ticket, from the Colnect catalog
Today, the category is reaching 3,333 Admission Tickets, from 73 countries. All tickets are accompanied with quality images.
"Glungezerbahn" Austria admission ticket, from the Colnect catalog
Admission Tickets have been added from different periods, from a Yugoslavian ticket dating back to 1951 up until a range of tickets from the current year.
"Tennis Thailand Open 2003" Thailand admission ticket, from the Colnect catalog
We'd like to thank the coordinator of the Admission Tickets category, Hernán Bofill [hbofill12], and the contributors that have brought this catalog to life.
Over 321 collectors have already marked items from the catalog on their lists. Do you have any admission tickets to mark? Browse the catalog to find your tickets.

"Masked Rider - Stronger" Thailand admission ticket, from the Colnect catalog
Would like to help add admission tickets to the catalog? Learn more on the Contributor Guide help page or post your question on the forums.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

77,777 Postcards on Colnect!

In the beginning of this year we have marked reaching 66,666 Postcards on the Colnect catalog. It's now summer, the year not even entering its final season, and the Postcards catalog has already reached its new impressive milestone of 
77,777 Postcards on the catalog!
"Rila. Seven Lakes of Rila" 1982 Bulgaria Postcard, from the Colnect catalog
We would like to thank the wonderful coordinators of the Postcards category, Vadym Sulimenko [Dravec] and Grzegorz Pająk [quarteris]. Their dedicated work developing the catalog is keeping it beautiful, updated and more and more complete every year.
"Alexei Leonov. The docking of Soyuz and Apollo. 1977" Soviet Union, USSR 1987 Postcard, from the Colnect catalog
We would also like to thank all the dedicated help of all postcards editors and contributors that have helped add over 11,111 postcards this year.
"Seven sunset. Kamchatka, Kluchevskiy park" Russia 2014 Postcards, from the Colnect catalog
256 Countries are featured on the catalog. The countries with most added postcards since the last milestone are Soviet Union, USSRCzechoslovakia and Russia.
"Country house. 1877" Russia 2012 Postcard, from the Colnect catalog
The oldest postcard added this year is from 1900 from Portugal, "Coimbra-Santa Clara, View". 135 Postcards issued in 2016 have been added to the catalog as well, from 9 different countries.
"Geirangerfjord and 'Seven Sisters' waterfall" Norway Postcard, from the Colnect catalog
Want to help add more Postcards to the catalog? Please see our Postcards Catalog Contribution Guidelines. You can also read more details on contribution to Colnect on the Contributor Guide.
"Summer Palace. Seventeen-arch Bridge" China Postcard, from the Colnect catalog

Monday, August 1, 2016

Coins Reaching 66,666 on Colnect

In an appropriate tribute to the year 2016, we're happy to celebrate Colnect Coins catalog passing the 66,666 Coins mark.

This year we have seen a lot of positive progress for Numismatic collectibles on Colnect. Maybe most importantly, we've seen the addition of the Year Variants in the coins catalog.
1 Mahbub (With rose) Gold Coin from Egypt, 1730, from the Colnect catalog  
With over a thousand new coins added every month, the coins catalog is growing in impressive speed. The speed does not come at the expense of the quality of the catalog, that maintains it's high standards for information and images.
The success of the catalog is due to the impeccable work of the coordinators, Angelo Parla [angelo13] and Hernán Bofill [hbofill12], and the dedicated editors and contributors of the category.
1 Sovereign (Victoria Queen) Gold Coin from Australia, 1855, from the Colnect catalog
If you would like to help add items to the catalog, please see our Catalog Contribution Guidelines page.
500 Dinara (Preserve Planet Earth Series - Brontosaurus) Copper-Nickel Coin from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1993, from the Colnect catalog
We wish all the best to the catalog that is getting better and better every month. There's a bright and shiny future for this numismatic category.

1 Cent (Silver edition) from Sierra Leone, 1964, from the Colnect catalog

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Accelerated Growth - 131313 Members Now on Colnect

The Colnect community, ever growing, has now reached 131,313 Members!

To take a quick look back at the way we have come, as a community, we need to go back to August 2009, when we celebrated our first milestone of 5,555 members. From there the community almost doubled in 8 month's time to - 11,111. The community just kept doubling its previous milestone, getting to 20,020, than going to 33,33340,00450,50566,66670,707 until reaching the beautifully round number of 100,000 almost exactly a year ago.
"100 Złotych (Władysław I Lokietek (1320-1333))" Poland Coin, from the Colnect catalog

Important thing to note, that the rate of growth in our community in the past 2 years has tripled (!) from the rate of growth in the preceding years.
"Barbara Virgin and Martyr" Italy Holy Card, from the Colnect catalog
33,333 members have joined Colnect in the past year, to form our current community of collectors from 150 countries around the world. This means that the amount of collectors joining this year is six times larger than our entire community at the first milestone!

"Parque Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda" Venezuela Admission Ticket, from the Colnect catalog
More members, means more collectors, means more collections! In a very fitting number, over 33,333,333 inventory items have been added to Colnect since the last milestone of 110,000,000 inventory items. Inventory items are any item that a member adds to their collection, swap and wish lists.

"Icon of Holy Annunciation" Macedonia Postcard, from the Colnect catalog
As the community develops, so does Colnect as a collection management tool and a website to connect collectors. The past year we've seen Colnect dawn a sleek new outfit, added with dynamic sorting, was joined by 2 new categories, Admission Tickets and Holy Cards and much more.

"Yugoslavia Vs. Indonesia" Yugoslavia Admission Ticket, from the Colnect catalog
We would like to thank the over 900 contributors that make Colnect the effective tool it is today. The contributors help make the catalogs as complete, accurate and interesting as possible, and are doing great, dedicated work, on their own time, for the benefit of all collectors.

"10th Anniversary of the Admission of Angola in the UN" Angola Stamp, from the Colnect catalog
Want to join as a contributor on Colnect? Learn more about what you can do to help on the Contributor Guide. You are also welcome to check out and join our efforts to complete the catalog with ALL images on the Zero Missing Pictures Campaign.

"National bank in Skopje" Yugoslavia Postcard, from the Colnect catalog
We're excited about Colnect getting a larger and larger collector's community, providing more opportunities for each collector, improved tools of use, better collecting and better connecting. We wish all Colnect collectors to have a thriving and fulfilling collecting year.

""Agatha Virgin and Martyr" Italy Holy Card, from the Colnect catalog

Friday, January 15, 2016

99,999 Gift Cards on Colnect!

We have reached a new milestone  - 99.999 gift cards in the catalog! You cannot believe how diverse the category is. 

"Fruits", Lithuania, from the Colnect catalog

73 countries, 270 themes and 58 currencies - that's the Gift Cards Catalog! 1,300+ registered collectors have developed the catalog, making it one of the biggest categories on Colnect.

"Hannukah candlestick", Canada, from the Colnect catalog

We are incredibly grateful to the Category coordinator - Claude Martin [Claude]. Our catalog would not be as unique and as interesting, without your help.

"Pilipinas Eagle", Philippines, from the Colnect catalog

Additionally, many thanks to our dear category contributors for adding so much amazing content.

"Clef", France, from the Colnect catalog

And surely, we are thankful to editors for keeping everything in order - editors Dieter Siedel [jrds26], Eyüp Güçmen [kolleksiyon], Hans Meeuwisse [steamtrain], Irina Alferova [alfcard], Karl Heinz Degener [neizi] and others.

"Calendar", Japan, from the Colnect catalog

Our catalog constantly requires help from you, our dear collectors. Please take a look on The Contribution Guidelines and develop our community!

"KaDeWe Berlin", Germany, from the Colnect catalog

You are welcome to participate in our gift card collectors poll -  How often do you use gift cards?:)
"B&G Store", Turkey, from the Colnect catalog 

Happy Colnecting! :)

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