Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Functional Cards: New and Game Changing Category

We're excited to announce the launch of a new and important category on Colnect - Functional Cards.

The new Functional Cards catalog, now on Colnect
In a joint effort of active collectors and after much deliberation it has been decided to create a new category that will include all Collectible Functional Cards. The entire discussion can be viewed on the Functional Cards forum thread.

"Quantica Escolar. La Escuela en Internet" - Venezuelan remote memory card.  From the new Colnect catalog.
This category has the potential to grow to be a vast mother category. "Functional Cards" refer to any collectible cards that have an additional function in its structure. Thus it could serve to house many kinds of cards, all of which are generally collected in different combinations by collectors rather than exclusively. It will provide a comprehensive and easy to use catalog to all those collectors of Functional Cards that have many sorts of cards in their collection but need one convenient place to find and manage them. Functional Cards include items from a wide range of fields from Telecommunications, Computer security and Satellite Communications to TV and Entertainment. The systems of the cards used include chip, magnetic stripe, inductive, optic, remote memory and more.

"PRE-PAGO EThERON" -  Venezuelan Remote memory card. From the new Colnect catalog.
The category coordinator is Carlos Rodriguez [venezuelanphonecards], who will be taking on the Functional Cards Category additionally to his responsibilities on the Phonecards category. This is not by chance, the two categories are closely related.

The creation of a Functional Cards category can now accommodate all the relevant cards not yet on Colnect, including the many on the catalogs today that were wrongly attributed to a certain category. This constitutes a big change because of the endless potential it offers.

"CyberCard" -  Venezuelan Remote memory card. From the new Colnect catalog.
Sizable effort has gone into the planning of this category, considering the importance of a category which is needed to be able to properly serve a large variety of relevant items. The current size of it is definitely no indication of it's future. Structure and definitions of this catalog have been taken care of. Now will be the time of growth, as more contributors join in and more collectibles added.  

We invite all collectors of Functional Cards to join this new category. You can  participate in the discussion on the New Functional Cards Collection Forum. If you are interested in this collectible, why not be part of building it for the benefit of all collectors? You can always contribute to the catalog and be part of its build. If you've never contributed information to Colnect before, please read our Catalog Contribution Guidelines.

"WebCard" -  Venezuelan Remote memory card. From the new Colnect catalog.
Collect a kind of item you would like to see on the Colnect catalog? Colnect is always looking to expand the catalogs to include all kinds of collectible items. Come see the New Categories forum. You can participate and you can become the coordinator of a new category. Just take a look at our More Collectibles? page.

Take a look at the new category and let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions or notes you are welcome to comment here on our blog or on the forum
"CANTV.net y Agendas Lec" - Venezuelan Remote memory card. From the new Colnect catalog.
We would like to thank Carlos Rodriguez [venezuelanphonecards], and all those who gave their time and effort to make this category come true. We wish the category and its coordinator all the luck with this new and exciting catalog.


  1. Would this category include retailers REWARD cards, Frequent Shopper cards, library cards? Can you list more of the types of cards included in this new category?

  2. In general, the category should accommodate ALL cards. To be more specific, you should ask on Colnect's forum and possibly offer your help adding the cards you're missing. Colnect's help section provides ample information on how it's all done - http://colnect.com/en/help


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