Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pocket Calendars on Colnect - Pocket Calendars Catalog

We're very happy to announce the addition of a new category to Colnect: Pocket Calendars
Pocket Calendars Category now on Colnect

There are already 1,905 Pocket Calendars and surely with your help that will grow very quickly. The coordinators of the category are steamtrain and Pelacanyes. If you've never contributed information to Colnect before, please read our Catalog Contribution Guidelines.

The category has started at the suggestion of collectors and thanks to their wonderful and dedicated contribution. The entire discussion and build can be seen here on the forum. You may suggest and become a coordinator of more categories on Colnect - just read our More Collectibles? page.
Maria Creus - Spanish Pocket Calendar from the Colnect Catalog
TGV - Train a Grande Vitesse - Spanish Pocket Calendar from the Colnect Catalog
Comisión Fiestas 5ª Promoción - Spanish Pocket Calendar from the Colnect Catalog

Our blog has been quiet for a while as most of our announcements are published directly on our announcements forum where you can get regular updates. If you wish to write to our blog don't hesitate to make your suggestions.

Happy collecting :)

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