Thursday, November 16, 2017

66,666 Sugar Packets Listed

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Colnectors, sugar packets just reached 66,666 items on Colnect.

 Sugar Packet › The Presbyterian Hospital, 1944, USA, Colnect Catalog

Special thank you goes to the coordinator of the category, tuixons. You did an amazing job at taking care of this sweet category.

Sugar Packet › Venus, 2008, Spain, Colnect Catalog

Benjamin Eisenstadt, the founder of Cumberland Packing, invented sugar packets because he was working for a tea factory and got tired of refilling and unclogging sugar dispensers in his cafeteria.

Sugar Packet › BTA Catering - Blue, Georgia, Colnect Catalog

Today there are many different shapes of sugar packets all around the world for collectors to collect. Collecting sugar packets is called sucrology.

Sugar Packet › Museo de la caña de azucar, Colombia, Colnect Catalog 

Most common places to find sugar packets are restaurants and hotels, but in some countries where sucrology is common many companies are producing sugar packets and selling them. In Europe, there are many collector clubs dedicated to sugar packets, some of them even hosting international events for fellow sucrologists to gather together.

Sugar Packet › Airlines - Air France, France, Colnect Colnect

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

100,100 Coins Passed

The number of coins is increasing on Colnect and just reached 100,100.

5 Pesetas, Spain, States, 1823, Colnect catalog

We want to thank all of you who contributed to coin category for your dedication and hard work, especially to coordinators, Angelo Parla [angelo13] and Hernán Bofill [hbofill12].

1/25 Crown (Centenary of the Cinema. Charlie Chaplin 1889-1977), Gibraltar, 1996, Colnect Catalog

Coins are small, flat objects, commonly having round shape with the purpose of trading. They are mostly issued by government and made out of metal. Some coins are made of more valuable materials like gold, silver or copper and mainly serve as a collectible item to numismatists.

1,000,000,000,000 Mark, German Notgeld, 1923, Colnect catalog

Did you know that there were times when coin’s face value was lower than the metal it was made out of? It usually happens because of an inflation and sometimes the difference is so big that authorities have to issue similar coins but with a different substance. Otherwise, people might start melting it down to get a bigger value out of them.

10 Dollars (Big Ben), Cook Islands, 2008, Colnect catalog

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Famous people through collectibles: Grace Kelly

On November 12, 1929, an American actress and a Princess of Monaco, Grace Patricia Kelly was born. And it’s a great occasion to look at her charming personality through collectibles.

Stamp: Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier III, crown and monogram, Monaco, 1956, Colnect

There are many various collectibles which were made in her honor. Some of them could be found on Colnect. Currently, you can find 30 stamps, 8 coins, 6 phone cards which are connected to Grace Kelly in our catalog. For example, several of these stamps were made in 1956 to represent her marriage such as the one provided below. Also, many of the items owned by Grace Kelly during filming or things signed by her are collected by people all around the world.

Stamp: Rear Window, Monaco, 2016, Colnect

Throughout her career, Grace Kelly starred in many successful films, such as High Noon (1952), Mogambo (1953), for which she won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, Rear Window (1954), To Catch a Thief (1955), and The Swan (1956). Those films became a golden classic of cinema and are loved by thousand people around the globe.

Phone card: Renato Casaro 2 - Unforgotten (Cary Grant / Grace Kelly), Germany, 2000, Colnect

In 1956 she retired from being an actress and married Prince Rainier III. She continued her life as a mother of 3 and a Princess of Monaco until her death in 1982, which was caused by a car accident due to her suffering a stroke.

Coin: 10 Dollars (Grace Kelly 30th Anniversary of death), Fiji, 2012, Colnect

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Friday, November 10, 2017

44,444 Beer Coasters Listed

We are happy to announce that beer coaster category on Colnect just reached the number of 44,444.

Trinkt das gute Mainzer Aktien-Bier,1930, Germany, Federal Republic, Colnect

We would like to thank the coordinator Patrick Dupuy [Hinano40] for taking good care of this category and all of you who contributed to it.

Stella Artois, 1985, Belgium, Colnect

The history of beer coasters begins in 1880. Friedrich Horn made first coasters out of cardboard, which was followed by first coasters manufactured out of wood by Robert Sputh in 1882. They are used to place a beverage on top of it to protect the surface of a table.

Woods Crak, 2017, Italy, Colnect

Beer coasters are branded with the purpose of advertising which makes them perfect for collecting. Did you know that practice of collecting coasters is called tegestology? Today collecting beer coasters is really common and some of them were made specifically for collectors.

Barbaroja, Argentina, Colnect

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

8,888 Holy Cards on Colnect!

Our awesome and unique category of Holy Cards reached the point of 8,888 items!

Holy Card › "Saint Mary - Pity", Vatican City, 2016, Colnect Catalog

We would like to thank everyone for your help to make Colnect better and being awesome. Of course, special thanks goes to mention the coordinator of the category, Daniele Pennisi [Lelecollector].

Holy Card › "Louis Gonzaga", S. Giuseppe Società Litol. - Modena (IT), Italy, 1884, Colnect Catalog

Holy cards are small pictures of saints or religious scene with a prayer on the backside which are used by faithful Christians. Mainly holy cards are spread throughout Roman Catholics but lately, it has become common also for Orthodox Christians and Protestant Christians.

"Anthony of Padua", Roma, A.L.M.A. Grafiche - Milano (IT), Lazio - Saints (M), Italy, XX century, Colnect Catalog

For Roman Catholics, there are special holy cards which are printed for funerals. They depict the picture of a person who they commemorate. There are also holy cards which have a picture of baptism or other religious anniversaries.

Holy Card › "Anthony the Abbot", Ukraine, XXI century, Colnect Catalog

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Monday, November 6, 2017

100,001 Postcards Cataloged

We are happy to announce that postcard category on Colnect keeps on growing and this time it reached the milestone of 100,001.

Pozzallo - Il porto, Italy, Colnect Catalog

Thank you to coordinators Vadym Sulimenko [Dravec] and Grzegorz Pająk [quarteris] and everyone else who contributed to making it happen. You guys are doing an amazing job at making Colnect better.

M. Löwenstein, Münster - Filial-Geschaft in Osnabrück, Germany, Empire, Colnect Catalog

The postcard is a piece of thin paper which makes it possible to write and mail without using envelopes. Did you know that the study and collecting of postcards are called deltiology? Deltiologists collect postcards for various reasons. Some are just attracted to postcards, while others are trying to collect postcards with some specific theme

Arcipelago Night - House with Maypole, Sweden, Colnect Catalog

Several different uses were found for postcards other than its original one. Many schools are using postcards as the way of teaching geography and also postcards are used by libraries and historical societies to determine how a certain city used to look like at a particular time in history.

Pyatigorsk. Grotto of Lermontov. Academic Gallery, Soviet Union, USSR, Colnect Catalog

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