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Monday, May 29, 2017

4,444 Admission Tickets Reached!

We are happy to announce that Admission tickets category is reaching a new beautiful point of
4,444 items! 

Vaquillas Feria del Pilar, Spain, 1999, Colnect catalog

The category was launched in February 2016 with only 989 items. Since that time the category has been grown and developed and 372 Colnectors have added the admission tickets to their personal collection on Colnect.

George Harrison & Eric Clapton - Fukuoka Kokusai Center - After Show, Japan, 1991, Colnect catalog

Now catalog includes the items of 18 venue types and from the 85 countries. Exploring the catalog you can learn, for example, how the zoo tickets from the different countries look like. 

Prague Zoo. Children 1 day ticket, Czech Republic, 2010, Colnect catalog

Movie lovers can find cinema tickets from the 21 countries and the oldest one of them issued in Yugoslavia in 1958, the country that doesn't exist anymore.

Cinema Coloseum, Yugoslavia, 1958, Colnect catalog

We would like to thank the category coordinator, Hernán Bofill [hbofill12], and all the Colnectrors who contributed to the category with new items, editing, and translations.

French Cultural Festival - 02 - Pro, Thailand, 2005, Colnect catalog

Do you want to join us and make Colnect better together? Would YOU like to join as a contributor on the Admission tickets catalog as well? We always welcome and appreciate any help. You are welcome to learn more about the Admission tickets Catalog Contribution help page. Want to contribute on another catalog, help with translations or even start a new category on Colnect? Please see our Contributor Guide.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

3,333 Admission Tickets on Colnect

Only a little more than half a year passed since we have announced the start of the new catalog of Admission Tickets. In its beginning, the category included 989 tickets, and it has a come a long way since then.
"Trumper" USA Disneyland admission ticket, from the Colnect catalog
Today, the category is reaching 3,333 Admission Tickets, from 73 countries. All tickets are accompanied with quality images.
"Glungezerbahn" Austria admission ticket, from the Colnect catalog
Admission Tickets have been added from different periods, from a Yugoslavian ticket dating back to 1951 up until a range of tickets from the current year.
"Tennis Thailand Open 2003" Thailand admission ticket, from the Colnect catalog
We'd like to thank the coordinator of the Admission Tickets category, Hernán Bofill [hbofill12], and the contributors that have brought this catalog to life.
Over 321 collectors have already marked items from the catalog on their lists. Do you have any admission tickets to mark? Browse the catalog to find your tickets.

"Masked Rider - Stronger" Thailand admission ticket, from the Colnect catalog
Would like to help add admission tickets to the catalog? Learn more on the Contributor Guide help page or post your question on the forums.

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