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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scout Phonecard Catalog: Meet Scoutmaster Tom Wolf [tomwolf]

Scouting is a worldwide youth movement and you can find young scouts all around the world. It is thus no wonder that scout themed phone cards are available from many different countries. Tom Wolf [tomwolf] has decided to create an extensive Scout Phonecard Catalog on Colnect. This impressive catalog now contains 660 different phone cards from 41 countries.

You are welcome to learn a bit about the man behind the catalog and join our greeting for taking such an endeavor.

My full name is Tom Wolf, I am 65 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia.
I was born in Budapest, Hungary and migrated with my family at the time of the revolution in 1956, arriving as an 11 year old child to Australia. I was educated here and went to the University of Sydney where I graduated with a Law Degree.
I still speak and write fluent Hungarian and I have now almost totally retired from work so as to enjoy traveling around the world. I am married with 3 grown up sons, sadly none of them are collectors.
I have many interests and somehow find time to enjoy all of them, I have a very advanced phonecard collection but I limit my collection to Australia and its near neighbour New Zealand as well as some European countries and Israel.
My late father was a stamp collector (mainly Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg - the "classical collection") and I find collecting to be a method of training the mind to be very organised, an asset I found useful in my profession. Apart from phonecards I also collect just about everything like cigarette cards and even matchbox labels but my real interest is phonecards.
Other than the Scout Phonecard Catalog I have been a regular contributor to Colnect, I am the original author of the Australian Catalog but unfortunately the collection of phonecards has almost disappeared here (just like in other countries).
Even at my age I remain an active Scout although I only got interested in this past-time in my mid 30's, but I still enjoy the outdoor and active way of life.
I am limited by ill health with coronary arterial problems (I have had a 4x bipass and a 2x bipass over the past 18 years).
Somehow, in addition to all the collecting I also find time to build and fly radio control model airplanes, I sail radio control sail boats, I build plank-on-plank model square-rig sailing ships and I mould from metal and then paint 25mm tin soldiers of the Battle of Waterloo, I have more than 800 infantry, 350 cavalry and 100 artillery pieces.
I guess all this explains why I stopped working about 3 years ago, it also means I get little sleep because in addition to all this I also try to keep all my contacts with friends and family all over the world on the internet, by email and Skype.

Thank you Tom for this lovely contribution to Colnect :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Colnect's Biggest Swapper - Meet Ernesto Berrios [ernest]

Lee este artículo en español

The collector with most positive ratings on Colnect, Mr. Ernesto Berrios, has just the mark of 313+ positive ratings. This achievement is even more incredible when you realize Venezuela has had a fair share of problems with its postal system as we previously reported.

When and how did you start your collection?

I began my collection during 1987-1988. I started it because magnetic phone cards of various values and colors were issued in Venezuela and, as I found them very interesting, I decided to save them. Later I got to know a few friends from Europe, such as from Spain and France, that traveled to Venezuela and I asked them for phone cards. We started with small exchanges, 10 or 20 phone cards in total. They had more types of cards than I did but I gave more of the same type and they accepted. That's how I got to have more phone cards.
What interests you most about your collection?
What interest me most about my collection are cards with themes such as butterflies, Disney, orchids, antiques, puzzles, zodiac sign and cards. From difficult countries, countries that you cannot easily get their cards – AW, such as in Africa, the theme isn't important. I believe it's most important to have at least one card from each country.

When and how did you get to know Colnect?

I learnt about Colnect during 2004, when it was still called Islands Phonecards Database, but I only registered in 2005. I made many exchanges, but friends asked me to add the cards I have in my collection, but I didn't know how it worked until I started learning little by little. I have actually swapped with many friends from Colnect.

How much time do you spend using Colnect?

Sometimes 2 hours a day and sometimes 5 hours. When I don't work spend, 6 hours. When I work, perhaps one hour.

How many swaps / exchanges do you do on Colnect every month?

In the month I've done most, I have done 53. It's the most I've done. Of course I do many swaps with the same friends. I have friends with whom I've actually done more than 20 swaps. I currently have 63 letters on the way to friends in different countries.

Do you swap outside Colnect?
Yes, I do swap outside Colnect. Many people I've invited to become a member on Colnect don't want to place what they have on Colnect.

What do you like best about Colnect?

What I like most about Colnect is that it's very original and very good. The best in the collecting world is that one shares a part of his life with friends from around the world. Colnect is extraordinary.

What would you like to see improved on Colnect?

Well, I would like that a person that has 3 negative ratings and doesn't respond to messages would be suspended. For example I have a few collector friends that have sent me cards in very bad condition. So bad that even I wouldn’t send them as a gift. I don't rate them neutral because they would immediately give me a neutral rating and say that what I sent was also bad. I can only choose not to swap with those again.

Colnect has a very good community manager (Ignacio F Vico López [iflvicol]). He is a great friend that answers all your complaints almost immediately. He is a good mediator and I thank him very much for all he has done for me personally and for other friends who have asked him. An excellent friend who everyday helps make Colnect the best in the world.

How come you have no negative rating?

The people who have given me negative ratings did so because they robbed me. I have given them a negative rating and so they returned a negative rating. Colnect helped a lot to fix the situation. There are people that send ordinary cards and receive them using registered mail but most of the ordinary cards disappear. One has to try to demand from the collector friends that no scratched cards would be sent. Thank God these norms are common on Colnect.

How can we improve the ratings system?
That's a very important question. There are collectors who give a positive rating to a friend whose letter they received but they either sent a non-registered letter or didn't send anything at all. When much time passes and the other collector still don’t receive his letter and they don't answer his messages, he gives them a negative rating. Then they change their positive rating to a negative one without justification. It happened to me and it should not be allowed. It should be improved. First, both sides should be heard and then act because there are some collectors that take advantage of other collectors. I, in whatever I can do to help, will be happy to hear any idea.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I thank you Amir for presenting this excellent website on behalf of all my collector friends from Venezuela and the whole world. As I know, they are proud to be members of this very special hobby. Many thanks. You have a friend in Venezuela and if you need anything from Venezuela, I'll be at your service.

El Coleccionista con el Mas Intercambios - Presentamos Ernesto Berrios [ernest]


El colecciónista con las más positivas calificaciones en Colnect, el Sr. Ernesto Berrios, acaba de la marca de 313 + calificaciones positivas. Este logro es aún más increíble cuando te das cuenta de Venezuela ha tenido muchas problemas con su sistema de correo como ya se hemos informado.

¿Cuándo y cómo has empezado tu colección?

Comencé mi colección en el año 1987 - 1988 aproximadamente, la empecé porque en Venezuela salieron unas tarjetas magnéticas de varios montos y colores y hacia llaveros y luego las empecé a guardar porque me llamo la curiosidad mucho. Luego conocí algunos amigos de Europa, como España y Francia que viajaban a Venezuela y les pregunte por las tarjetas y empezamos hacer cambios, eran pocas, cambiamos 10, 20 tarjetas ellos tenían mas modelos que yo pero yo le entregaba varias del mismo modelo y ellos aceptaban y así fue como fui guardando las tarjetas.

¿Qué es lo que más te interesa en tu colección?

Lo que más me interesa en mi colección son las tarjetas de temas como mariposas, Disney, orquídeas, antigüedades, puzles, zodiacos, y tarjetas de países difíciles como de África no importa la temática me conformo con tener el país es lo más importante creo que lo más importante de todo es tener aunque sea una tarjeta de cada país

¿Cuándo y cómo has encontrado a Colnect?

Encontré Colnect en el año 2004 como telecard island pero me inscribí en el 2005 hacia muchos intercambios pero los amigos me decían ponga las tarjetas que tienes pero no sabía cómo era el sistema hasta que fui aprendiendo poco a poco he cambiado con muchos amigos en Colnect actualmente.

¿Cuánto tiempo pasas usando Colnect?
Uso Colnect a veces 2 horas al día, a veces 5 horas, cuando no trabajo gasto unas 6 horas, cuando trabajo una hora al día.

¿Cuantos intercambios haces con Colnect por mes?
El mes que más he hecho, he hecho 53, es lo máximo que he hecho, claro hago muchos cambios con los mismos amigos porque tengo amigos con los cuales he hecho más de 20 cambios. Actualmente tengo 63 cartas en camino para amigos en diferentes países.

¿Haces intercambios fuera de Colnect?
Sí, hago cambios fuera de Colnect. Mucha gente que he invitado a que sea miembro de Colnect y no han querido no les gusta colocar lo que tienen en Colnect.

¿Qué es lo que más te gusta en Colnect?

Todo, es muy original, muy bueno, es lo mejor en el mundo del coleccionismo. Uno pasa parte de su vida compartiendo con amigos de todo el mundo. Colnect es algo extraordinario.

¿Qué quisieras ver mejorado en Colnect?

Bueno me gustaría que a una persona que tenga 3 negativos y no responda los mensajes fuese suspendida. Un ejemplo, yo tengo algunos amigos coleccionistas que me han enviado tarjetas en muy malas condiciones, tan malas que a mí me da pena hasta enviarlas como regaloy no los califico neutral porque de inmediato me califican neutral ydicen que lo que yo le envié también es malo, solo no vuelvo a cambiar con ellos.

Colnect tiene un buen coordinador, el amigo (Ignacio F López Vico). Es un gran amigo que te responde todas las quejas casi de inmediato, es un buen mediador y yo le agradezco mucho todo lo que ha hecho por mi persona y por todos los amigos que le han pedido ayuda. Un excelente amigo que hace que cada día Colnect sea mejor.

¿Porqué no tienes ninguna valoración negativa?

Las personas que en alguna ocasión me la pusieron mala fue porque ellos me robaron y como los califique negativos también lo hicieron y Colnect ayudo mucho a que eso se arreglara. Hay personas que envían cartas ordinarias y las reciben certificadas y la mayoría de cartas ordinarias se pierden, hay que tratar de exigirle a los amigos coleccionistas que las cartas en mal estado no sirven en Colnect. Gracias a Dios existe esas normas.

¿Cómo podemos mejorar el sistema de valoraciones?

Esa pregunta es muy importante. Hay coleccionistas que hacen una valoración positiva a un amigo del cual ha recibido la carta y si la persona envió la carta ordinaria o no la envió y paso mucho tiempo y el coleccionista no responde los mensajes, ni llega la carta la otra persona que no le ha llegado la carta se cansa y le hace una calificación negativa este señor, el cual si recibió la carta pero cambia la valoración de positiva a negativa, a mi me ha sucedido y eso no se debe permitir eso hay que mejorarlo eso no se debe permitir primero hay que escuchar las 2 partes y luego actuar porque hay algunos coleccionistas que se aprovechan de otros coleccionistas. Yo en lo que pueda ayudarlos estaré a orden para cualquier idea.

¿Algo más que quieras decir?

Agradezco a usted que representa esta excelente pagina en nombre detodos mis amigos coleccionistas de Venezuela y del mundo que como yose sienten orgullosos de ser miembros de este hobby tan especial. Mil gracias y que vivas por siempre. En Venezuela tienes un amigo y si necesitas algo de Venezuela estaré a la orden. Mil gracias de nuevo por existir.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Giving Life to a New Catalog - Meet Carine De Pauw [crookscarine]

Meet one of Colnect's most notable contributors and the creator and coordinator of the world's most extensive tea bag catalog, Carine de Pauw [crookscarine]. As her Colnect profile shows, Carine is a serious collector of stamps, phone cards, tea bags and beer mats. She has been a Colnect member since 2005, when Colnect was still a website only catering to phone card collectors.

Carine has just celebrated her birthday and we thought it would be a good time to feature her on Colnect's blog and ask her a few questions.

When and how did you begin collecting in general and tea bags specifically?

I've started to collect stamps during my childhood. Now I have other collections as well, of which the most important ones are phone cards and teabags.
Our daughter began collecting teabags in 1996. She didn't have enough time so I took it over. I'm always looking for new items for all my collections.
Luckily I have a lot of good friends and relatives who are helping me. Every time they are going on holidays, they come back with new collectibles I can add to my collections.

How and why did you start tea bag category on Colnect?

As I knew many people who collected teabags, I've asked Amir [tcawe] to start a tea bag category on Colnect. He was happy to add the new category and I became the coordinator of the tea bags catalog in August 2009.
Now I post scans of my own teabags and of the ones I receive from the other members. For the time being we are with 150 tea bag collectors. The catalog shows 13,236 teabags from 1,139 brands and out of 75 different countries.

How often do you use Colnect?

I'm now using the site on a daily basis to manage my swaps and to add new tea bags to our tea bag catalog.

What do you like best about Colnect?
Colnect is perfect. You can reach many collectors from all over the world.
Of course new members are more than welcome. The more members we have, the bigger our teabag collection will be, and the more possibility we have to exchange.
Last but not least I would like to thank Amir for all the work he's doing.

Thank you Carine for the interview and we all wish you a happy birthday, happy collecting and enjoyable time on Colnect :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

100,000 Phone Cards! Meet Jorge Pablo and his Phone Card Collection

Jorge Pablo Villegas [Jorgepablo2005] is the first Colnect member to have more than 100,000 items marked on his personal collection on Colnect. He has been a Colnect member since 2005, when Colnect was still a website only catering to phone card collectors and was called Islands Phonecards Database.

Jorge has been contributing a lot to Colnect and has been awarded the prestigious 3 stars of contribution award which is given to collectors who have spent hundreds of hours helping Colnect become better for the benefit of the entire collectors community.

We've asked Mr. Villegas a few questions, to learn a little about how he got this far as a collector.

Where do you store all your phone cards?

I have almost an entire room 2 x 2.5 meters, which used to be the study room, but is now my phone cards storage room. It always looks messy.

How did you start collecting?

My entire life, since I was a boy, I have been collecting many items like coins, stamps, calendars, cigarette packs, wine labels, box matches. I really had a lot of stamps and cigarette packs.
By the time I was ~20 years old, my mother threw away my collections when cleaning our home (he laughs) and I didn't collect anymore for nearly 20 years.
In 1997 I couldn't take it anymore and started my phone card collection, because it was a relatively new item to collect.

What is the main focus of your collection?

First, I started with my own country, Argentina. I later expanded to South America, then Europe and one day decided to go with all the world. I like all phone cards, except the prepaid and refill GSM cards.

How did you first learn about Colnect?

I learned about Colnect when it was still called Islands Phonecards Database, from a friend here in Buenos Aires. In the year 2005 not many catalogs were available on line, and Islands had that terrific feature that allowed automatic matching with other collectors.
I remember how the site kept growing week after week. Very exciting!

How many hours a week do you spend on Colnect and on your collection?

I would like to say that I enjoy the hours on Colnect, and don't spend my time. With other things I "spend" time, but on Colnect, it's almost an investment of my time. As for my job I log in to Colnect several times a day. It may seem that I'm always connected, but the reason is that Colnect is my initial page, and I check it in at morning, in the evening and in the night. I guess I invest 3 hours per day on Colnect and my collection.

Why are you contributing to Colnect's phone cards catalog?

I think that the best way to get phone cards is to add missing cards, because when a card appears, it is no longer a ghost but a real card. Then one person marks that he has it, another marks that she wants it. The more people marking the card on Colnect, the easier it becomes to get that card.
When a phone card appears only on a seller listing in the market, it may have a high price. But when it becomes listed on Colnect, you can easily see who has this card and it becomes more easily available. More importantly, my contribution and the contribution the many collectors is different than that of sellers because collectors only collect, and are not trying to make a profit.

Which are the things you like best about Colnect?
The automatic matching system and the great possibilities that any collector can add more things, is a very modern and open concept.

Which is the most important improvement that you would like to see on Colnect?

It is not easy to ask more from Colnect. Maybe a faster site and more items on the catalog? Perhaps a photos section about a collector's life, methods and goals of collecting, an open market, etc.

Do you have a message to collectors out there?

I would like to thanks Amir, founder of Colnect, for Colnect and the possibilities it brings. Your work is great, and while others just talk, you do things. I would also like to thank the collectors, without whom life will be a little boring :)

Thank you Jorge for this interview and we hope to see your collection grow even bigger with Colnect. Happy collecting :)

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