Monday, November 7, 2011

Cheaters Away! Colnect Protects Collectors

We are doing our best to stop cheaters from being on Colnect. We deactivate accounts of suspicious collectors and publish their mailing address on our "Warnings and Ratings Forum". We've just deactivated accounts of a sophisticated cheater (see below). We can do a good job at it only with your help. If you become suspicious of someone trying to be a wrong doer, don't hesitate to give us the information you have and we'll investigate.

!MOST IMPORTANT! Please carefully read our Swapping Tips and follow them.

Announcement about a recent deactivation

The account of alispilfo has been deactivated although no negative ratings were seen on the profile page. This is a special case and the results of my own investigation are presented here.

It seems the person has opened other accounts on Colnect, such as Thiago00 and marior. The account Thiago00 has been deactivated some time ago upon the person's own request. Later, negative ratings were given and collectors got angry claiming they have been cheated. modj0 has been deactivated when we realized it's the same address. marior has been deactivated as emails used by that member were reported as suspicious in other forums.

Considering the fact it's the same person (this has taken some investigation and cross referencing information from different sources) , it seems opening the other accounts were meant for cheating while keeping the main account "clean".

*Shipping addresses saved on Colnect system.

Safe and happy collecting :)

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