Monday, November 6, 2017

100,001 Postcards Cataloged

We are happy to announce that postcard category on Colnect keeps on growing and this time it reached the milestone of 100,001.

Pozzallo - Il porto, Italy, Colnect Catalog

Thank you to coordinators Vadym Sulimenko [Dravec] and Grzegorz PajÄ…k [quarteris] and everyone else who contributed to making it happen. You guys are doing an amazing job at making Colnect better.

A postcard is a piece of thin paper which makes it possible to write and mail without using envelopes. Did you know that the study and collecting of postcards are called deltiology? Deltiologists collect postcards for various reasons. Some are just attracted to postcards, while others are trying to collect postcards with some specific theme

Arcipelago Night - House with Maypole, Sweden, Colnect Catalog

Several different uses were found for postcards other than its original one. Many schools are using postcards as the way of teaching geography and also postcards are used by libraries and historical societies to determine how a certain city used to look like at a particular time in history.

Pyatigorsk. Grotto of Lermontov. Academic Gallery, Soviet Union, USSR, Colnect Catalog

Colnect has been built by collectors just like you. Are you interested in contributing to Colnect? Then you can go and check our Catalog Contribution Guidelines page and start making the Colnect better.

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