Wednesday, November 15, 2017

100,100 Coins Passed

The number of coins is increasing on Colnect and just reached 100,100.

5 Pesetas, Spain, States, 1823, Colnect catalog

We want to thank all of you who contributed to coin category for your dedication and hard work, especially to coordinators, Angelo Parla [angelo13] and HernĂ¡n Bofill [hbofill12].

1/25 Crown (Centenary of the Cinema. Charlie Chaplin 1889-1977), Gibraltar, 1996, Colnect Catalog

Coins are small, flat objects, commonly having round shape with the purpose of trading. They are mostly issued by government and made out of metal. Some coins are made of more valuable materials like gold, silver or copper and mainly serve as a collectible item to numismatists.

1,000,000,000,000 Mark, German Notgeld, 1923, Colnect catalog

Did you know that there were times when coin’s face value was lower than the metal it was made out of? It usually happens because of an inflation and sometimes the difference is so big that authorities have to issue similar coins but with a different substance. Otherwise, people might start melting it down to get a bigger value out of them.

10 Dollars (Big Ben), Cook Islands, 2008, Colnect catalog

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