Friday, January 19, 2018

Famous people through collectibles: Edgar Allan Poe

A writer, editor, and literary critic, Edgar Allan Poe, was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston. He is best known for his poetry and short mystery and horror stories. Poe is considered as the inventor of detective fiction genre and the first well-known American writer to earn living completely off of writing.

Although his life was rather difficult, Edgar Allan Poe left us a great collection of his poems and stories. Numerous collectibles were made in the name of this truly remarkable writer, some of them featuring his quotes, some illustrating his portrait, and some celebrating his achievements. If you are interested, on Colnect you can find various collectibles associated with Edgar Allan Poe.

Among Edgar Allan Poe's works, the most notable ones are The Black Cat, a short tale about the psychology of guilt, and The Raven, supernatural poem about lost love. Pluto, a cat from The Black Cat, and a talking raven from The Raven are two of the most well-known characters created by Poe. Many collectibles, which are made in the name of Edgar Allan Poe, depict these two characters, as the main image.

Do you collect Poe-themed or Poe-related collectibles? If there's any collectible in your collection that's not on Colnect yet, you can easily add it to our catalog. You can check our Catalog Contribution Guidelines page and start to add new items, add images and information to already existing items, help to translate catalog to your language, edit the catalog, write wiki articles, and even create your own categories. If you are interesting in selling or buying collectibles you're welcome to visit recently launched Colnect Marketplace.

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