Tuesday, January 30, 2018

8,888 Cigarette Packs Reached

By conquering the number 8, cigarette packs achieved a new milestone. More than 8,888 packs have been cataloged on Colnect and we would like to thank Skyforger, the coordinator of this category and everyone who contributed and helped grow cigarette packs catalog.

Smoking has an incredibly long history which dates back to 5000 BC and was used in shamanistic rituals. Despite it being used so early, the popularization of tobacco started only in 16-17th centuries AD and started spreading all over Europe.

For a long time, smoking cigarettes was considered cool, attractive, and good for your health. Even though today smoking is widely-known as an unhealthy habit, collectors found a way to turn cigarettes into a fun and danger-free hobby. Some companies are even producing packs which are labeled as a collectible. These packs are really rare and valuable.

Cigarettes are the most traded items in the world. Because it is such a big industry, there are many cigarette packs in circulation. On top of it, there are many different types of packages and brands. And even each brand's illustration differs from country to country. All of the above-mentioned facts, make cigarette packs an easily accessible and popular to collect.

Would you like to contribute to Colnect too? You can start to add new items, add images and information to already existing items, help to translate catalog to your language, edit the catalog, write wiki articles, and even create your own categories. If you wish to buy or sell your cigarette packs don't forget to check out the marketplace.

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