Saturday, February 4, 2012

MILESTONE: 222,222 Stamps Featured on Colnect!

One of Colnect's most auspicious collecting catalogs has grown leaps and bounds and now reached a new MILESTONE: as of today there are 222,222 stamps featured on Colnect.

Due to the hard work of the collectors, the colnectors - those working to keep Colnect up and running marathons, like the new coordinator assisting Lola22, Peti543 - and the precious collectibles themselves, the stamp archive on Colnect can boast its newest achievement that goes well over two hundred thousand stamps. Colnect has added over ten thousand stamps since November's last achievement.

Whether it is celebrating history and the International Book Year, in the Republic of Indonesia's beautiful seventy-five Indonesian rupiah stamp from 1972, or just a richly detailed and vividly colorful space exploration stamp from Mongolia, there is something here for everyone.

As you, the Colnect collectors, continue to bolster the vast archives with exceptionally extraordinary collectibles and artifacts, remember that it is through your work, pleasure, and connecting that the world gets to share and embrace the stamps, coins, post cards and all collectibles here.

Thank you and enjoy!

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