Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anniversary of the Barbie Doll - February 13 - Today in History Through Collectibles

Many of the items that collectors on Colnect collect are in fact associated with certain historical events that have taken place over time. This applies especially to Stamps, Phone Cards, Coins and Banknotes. To commemorate these special historical events, countries release special issues of these items that depict images and information relevant to these events.

Through our “Today in History Through Collectibles” Blog we will highlight special events in history by featuring Collectible items from our Colnect Catalogs that are associated with historical events that took place on specific days in history.

One of the most recognized toys and doll personalities of all time first went on sale on this day, February 13, in 1959.

There is some dispute as to whether the Barbie doll was born on the February date or in March of the same year, but what is certain is that she appeared at the 1959 American international Toy Fair and that her cozy size, long models' legs and her flowing hair made Barbie an instant staple in American consumer's and collector's homes alike, and Colnect recognizes the fifty-third anniversary of her first going on sale with a rare one dollar silver coin from Tuvalu. The gorgeous coin is a fiftieth anniversary issue and is one of a mint of only twenty thousand.

Barbie, the fashion doll, became Mattel's figurehead since her inception, and the company made the Barbie doll not only a fun toy for people to dress up in myriad clothes that could be bought, but also held themes and limited runs putting Barbies in the collectible categories of the world.

The smooth round Barbie coin was made in the Perth mint in Australia and it features a dead-on likeness of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and Barbie Fiftieth Anniversary on the other. Most of the coin is silver, but the Barbie side does have a cloud of pink to infuse the famous doll with one of her favorite colors.

Colnect provides many categories for collectibles that are rare and valuable, and the Tuvalu Barbie silver coin is no exception.

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