Tuesday, September 19, 2017

8,888 Tokens Listed

We are happy to celebrate a new super awesome milestone of 8,888 Tokens on Colnect :)

At first, we want to say thank you to all our contributors for their help and efforts on bettering Colnect. Tokens category would not be so cool and great without the dedicated category coordinator, Hernán Bofill [hbofill12].

Bondindinho, Transport: Bus, Brazil

Tokens are coin-like objects utilized instead of coins. Tokens either have a value shown or indicated by size, color or shape. Usually, tokens are manufactured of cheap metals: copperpewteraluminumbrass, and tin. Tokens made of bakelitewoodporcelain, and other less strong materials are also known.

Ministry Marine Fleet, Military, USSR

What is the difference between a coin and a token? Coins are issued by the government or local authorities and can be exchanged for goods or other coins. Tokens have a much more limited use. Usually, they are issued by a private company, group, organization or individual.

In times of high inflation, tokens could have taken on a role of a currency. New York City Subway tokens  were circulated in trade and parking meters since they had a set price.

Caesars Palace, Casino Token, USA

Metal token coins are used instead of cash in casino slot machines. The tokens are the same with money at the casino. They commonly are useless outside of the casino.

S.T.I.P.E.L. Token, Telephone, Italy

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Monday, August 28, 2017

69,696 Drink Labels Passed!

We are happy to announce that Colnect Drink Labels category has passed a new awesome milestone of 69,696 items!

Gumpoldskirchner Riesling, Wine, Austria, 1964, Colnect catalog

Our catalog of  Drink Labels was started in February of 2013 with a few items. Now, after four years of hard and dedicated work of Colnect Collectors Community, Drink Labels category is an impressive piece of collaborative work.

H-Festivalový ležák 12, Beer, Czech Republic, Colnect catalog

There are drink labels from 143 countries, produced by 5,323 companies, from 35 kinds of beverage. The popular beverages are beer, soda, water, and wine. You can find drink labels with Castles, BirdsMolluscsCrowns and Coronets and more 389 different themes on Colnect.

Sprout Stout, Beer, Netherlands, Colnect catalog

Thank you to all our awesome contributors for the collaboration and fantastic work. Special thanks to the category coordinator, Mario Wicht [Betta1970]. We cannot even estimate how much devotion and passion you have been put to your attempts to make Colnect better.

The Crimean port white, Wine, Soviet Union, USSR, Colnect catalog

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Friday, August 25, 2017

80,008 Banknotes Cataloged ;)

We are so happy to celebrate the next awesome achievement in Banknote catalog. 80,008 banknotes are reached :)

100 Pesos, 1974, Mexico

We are grateful to the devoted two co-coordinators Vidami Istvan [mozistv] and Imre Csendes [SethChimera] for taking care of category. The help of the category editors and contributors is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and dedication.

100 Francs, 1949, Belgium

Category of banknotes on Colnect is so various and diverse and includes paper money from 299 countries. There are some interesting facts about banknotes those you can find in our catalog.

The largest dollar bill ever issued was a Gold Certificate that has the face value of 100 000. They were issued in 1934 and were used for transactions between Federal Reserve banks only.

100,000 Dollars, 1934, USA

Banknotes with the £1 face values were in circulation from 1796. During the French Revolutionary wars, banknotes with small face values were printed to replace gold coins. £1 b
anknotes had circulated until 1988. The last issue of £1 banknote was decorated with the picture of Sir Issac Newton.

1 Pound, 1978, UK

Do you know that Martha Washington is the only woman memorialized on US paper money? Her portrait was printed on a silver certificate in denominations of $ 1 issue in 1886, 1891 and 1896.

1 Silver Dollar, 1886, USA

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