Tuesday, September 19, 2017

8,888 Tokens Listed

We are happy to celebrate a new super awesome milestone of 8,888 Tokens on Colnect :)

At first, we want to say thank you to all our contributors for their help and efforts on bettering Colnect. Tokens category would not be so cool and great without the dedicated category coordinator, HernĂ¡n Bofill [hbofill12].

Bondindinho, Transport: Bus, Brazil

Tokens are coin-like objects utilized instead of coins. Tokens either have a value shown or indicated by size, color or shape. Usually, tokens are manufactured of cheap metals: copperpewteraluminumbrass, and tin. Tokens made of bakelitewoodporcelain, and other less strong materials are also known.

Ministry Marine Fleet, Military, USSR

What is the difference between a coin and a token? Coins are issued by the government or local authorities and can be exchanged for goods or other coins. Tokens have a much more limited use. Usually, they are issued by a private company, group, organization or individual.

In times of high inflation, tokens could have taken on a role of a currency. New York City Subway tokens  were circulated in trade and parking meters since they had a set price.

Caesars Palace, Casino Token, USA

Metal token coins are used instead of cash in casino slot machines. The tokens are the same with money at the casino. They commonly are useless outside of the casino.

S.T.I.P.E.L. Token, Telephone, Italy

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