Saturday, February 13, 2016

Marking 56,789+ Coins on Colnect!

Good news, Colnectors! Our Coins Catalog has increased significantly, and now you can see over 56,789 coins there.
To highlight the recently reached milestone, we can take a look at the new features of the catalog.
"5 Kwacha (Conservation - Kafue Lechwe)", from the Colnect catalog

Some useful changes were implemented on Colnect since last year, when we reached 50,005 coins. These changes make the Coins Catalog easier to browse and edit. 
Most awaited feature for many coin collectors was Coin Year Variants. 
"20 Cents", from the Colnect catalog

The possibility of Sorting By Face Value, Quick Year Change List and Improvements to the Collectors Comment System were also added.
Moreover, a couple of months back we saw Multi-value Fields 'joining the catalog', letting editors' work be more pleasant and less time-consuming. 
You can share your opinion of those features on the relevant forum threads.

In addition, some small changes, like Longer Item Names Approved, were brought to life. 
To follow any other small milestones of the Colnect Coin Catalog, make sure to subscribe to the Coin Collection and Numismatics forum
But for now, we would like to thank our category coordinators - Hernan Bofill, [hbofill12] and Angelo Parlo, [angelo13] for making the category so popular and diverse. Another big thank-you to all the contributors that made an impact on the catalog. 
"20 Rubles (Kalyady)", from the Colnect catalog 

Want to become a coin catalog contributor? Read How Can I Contribute to Colnect? page and the Catalog Contributor's Guide for Coins and start helping Colnect now!
Do you have a favourite coin in your collection?
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Friday, January 15, 2016

99,999 Gift Cards on Colnect!

We have reached a new milestone  - 99.999 gift cards in the catalog! You cannot believe how diverse the category is. 

"Fruits", Lithuania, from the Colnect catalog

73 countries, 270 themes and 58 currencies - that's the Gift Cards Catalog! 1,300+ registered collectors have developed the catalog, making it one of the biggest categories on Colnect.

"Hannukah candlestick", Canada, from the Colnect catalog

We are incredibly grateful to the Category coordinator - Claude Martin [Claude]. Our catalog would not be as unique and as interesting, without your help.

"Pilipinas Eagle", Philippines, from the Colnect catalog

Additionally, many thanks to our dear category contributors for adding so much amazing content.

"Clef", France, from the Colnect catalog

And surely, we are thankful to editors for keeping everything in order - editors Dieter Siedel [jrds26], Eyüp Güçmen [kolleksiyon], Hans Meeuwisse [steamtrain], Irina Alferova [alfcard], Karl Heinz Degener [neizi] and others.

"Calendar", Japan, from the Colnect catalog

Our catalog constantly requires help from you, our dear collectors. Please take a look on The Contribution Guidelines and develop our community!

"KaDeWe Berlin", Germany, from the Colnect catalog

You are welcome to participate in our gift card collectors poll -  How often do you use gift cards?:)
"B&G Store", Turkey, from the Colnect catalog 

Happy Colnecting! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

66,666 Postcards on Colnect!

Is '666' considered a devilish number in your country? Today we're putting all our stereotypical thinking away to commemorate a nice milestone we've recently reached - 66,666 Postcards!

The Postcards catalog has been present on Colnect for roughly 6 years, so that's a lot of 6-s for one day, which is also the 6th of January of 2016! How crazy is that?
"Tokyo Station", from the Colnect catalog

First off, we are sending a huge thank-you to the category co-coordinators, Vadym Sulimenko [Dravec] and Grzegorz Pająk [quarteris] for working hard on one of the most popular categories on Colnect! :)–_Polynesia-Landscapes-Niue
"Niue Island – Polynesia", from the Colnect catalog

Moreover, thank you to the translators that have made the postcards collecting available for 799 collectors from 70+ countries.

Another group of colnectors we are sending our regards to are editors, they have done an impressive work, keeping the category organised. 
"Tallinn. Spire of Town Hall with "Old Thomas" Weathercock", 
from the Colnect catalog
And, of course, the catalog would not be so diverse without the help of each and every one of contributorsThank you for every postcard added onto Colnect! The Postcards catalog is currently divided into countriesauthorsissuerscoloringsorientationsviewsyearsthemes and newly added.
 "Torshavn", from the Colnect catalog
The catalog currently includes postcards from 250+ countries. Check them out! Do you have a favourite postcard from your country? By the way, the country that the most postcards are from is Soviet Union! Here's an example:  

"Baikal. Lake in Winter", from the Colnect catalog

So, to sum up, we are really thrilled to see the category growing. We encourage you to study the How Can I Contribute? page to add more postcards, to edit information or to add missing photos/data. Note that many contributors on Colnect enjoy having a free Premium Membership simply by helping the community.
"Awaiting the day's catch", from the Colnect catalog 

 Thank you for being a Colnector! Let's make an even  bigger number of postcards!

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