Monday, March 19, 2018

6,666 Tea Labels Passed

The first milestone of tea labels is here. The catalog has passed a number of 6,666 items.

Thank you, everyone, for making Colnect better day by day and thanks to the coordinator, Els Van Gastel [leeuwin], for taking such good care of the tea labels category.

The first use of tea was medical and it started in China, but later on during Tang Dynasty, which lasted from 618 to 917 AD, tea started becoming popular as a recreational drink. Even though in Asia tea was popular it wasn't until the 16th century that it was introduced to Europe.

Today many collectors are collecting tea bags and tea labels and it is considered as one of the bases of large collections. Currently, on Colnect, you can find 554 different brands with 37 themes of tea labels from 72 countries.

Colnect has been built by collectors just like you. Are you interested in contributing to Colnect? Then you can go and check our Catalog Contribution Guidelines page and start making Colnect better.

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