Wednesday, January 11, 2017

22,222 Milk Cup Lids passed!

Our awesome Milk Cup Lids catalog has reached a new milestone of
22,222 items!

Farrier, Sahnalp, Austria, 1995, Colnect catalog

Take a look at the catalog and get familiar with it! There are milk cup lids from 57 world countries. The oldest milk cup lid is from 1952

United Feature Syndicate Inc, Japan, 1952, Colnect catalog

Visit our milk cup lids catalog and you will be impressed with the number of the things depicted on lids. There are milk cup lids on 242 themes in our catalog. The top 5 of them are Flowers, AnimalsOrchidsCity Views, and Cars.

Portraits, Burra, Switzerland, 1998, Colnect catalog

Thank you to all our contributors, editors, translators and super cool Milk Cup Lids catalog coordinator Els Van Gastel [leeuwin] for making this category so great and diverse!

Popp 1898, Nordheide, Germany, Federal Republic, Colnect catalog

Do you want to join us and make Colnect better together? We always welcome and appreciate any help. If you've never contributed information to Colnect before, please read our Catalog Contribution Guidelines.

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