Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tea Bag Catalog Surpassed 10,101 Tea Bags

Colnect's tea bag catalog is quickly growing and has passed an important milestone since our last announcement of its growth. Tea bag collectors can now enjoy a catalog featuring over 10,101 tea bags from 73 countries. Tea bag collectors have developed a significant community on Colnect that can be found nowhere else. Although it's not one of Colnect's biggest categories, it is definitely catching on and there are more tea bag collectors on Colnect to connect and swap with than ever before.

We would like to praise the hard work of our tea bags coordinator, Carine De Pauw, who is doing a fantastic job making our tea bag catalog the best in the world.

If you are a tea bag collector, you're most welcome to sign up to Colnect and upload tea bags from your collection to the site. The current success and future greatness of Colnect rests on the shoulders of devoted volunteers like Carine and YOU.

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