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Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 1989 Release of Moon Rover Delivering Mail on Universal Postal Congress Stamp - Today in History Through Collectibles

Thisweek marks the twenty-two year anniversary of the four gorgeous “Moon Rover UPUCongress Futuristic Mail Delivery” stampdesigns that were released on November 28, 1989.

Theywere issued at the first ever Congress of the Universal Postal Union that washeld and also at the World Stamp Expo ’89. These are true collector’s items that can be foundon Colnect.
Atthe close of the Cold War, the space race still loomed large in people’s minds,and the possibilities for future universal travel, living in space, and yes,even mail delivery, seemed infinite.

TheMoon Rover stampswere born at a time when anything concerning space travel was not onlypossible, it was probable, and in the near future too.

TheMoon Rover stamps are vivid, detailed, and colorful as they depict a scene fromthe future:  mail delivery on the moon. Such lunar delivery might be outof the USPS, UPS, and FedEx range for the moment, but the science-fiction-likestamps are certainly inspirational.

Inthe pictured 45 Cent (US) stamp, the earth can be seen in a lustrous bluespherical form in the background, as the lunar rover treads gray, mountainousterrain of the moon. Its satellite dish and driver peer over the surface,probably scouring the distant horizon for any mailboxes incognito. The Americanflag covers the front of the vehicle, and the packages and parcels of many aMartian of Earth traveler line the back.

Thefour stamp designs were printed in souvenir sheets and also individually inse-tenant – which means that the four different types were sold together.
Thestamp set’s philatelic information is as follows: Minkus Number A125;denomination 45c; Perforation type 11; Intaglio & offset color printmethod. 

Manyof the items that collectors on Colnect collect are in fact associated withcertain historical events that have taken place over time. This appliesespecially to Stamps, Phone Cards, Coins and Banknotes. To commemorate thesespecial historical events, countries release special issues of these items thatdepict images and information relevant to these events.

Throughour “Today in History Through Collectibles” Blog we will highlight specialevents in history by featuring Collectible items from our Colnect Catalogs that areassociated with historical events that took place on specific days in history.

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