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Sunday, February 19, 2012

John Glenn's First Orbiting of Earth - February 20 - Today in History Through Collectibles

Many of the items that collectors on Colnect collect are in fact associated with certain historical events that have taken place over time. This applies especially to Stamps, Phone Cards, Coins and Banknotes. To commemorate these special historical events, countries release special issues of these items that depict images and information relevant to these events.

Through our “Today in History Through Collectibles” Blog we will highlight special events in history by featuring Collectible items from our Colnect Catalogs that are associated with historical events that took place on specific days in history.

On February 20, 1962, John Glenn became the first American to completely orbit the earth in a spacecraft. He was the third man to enter space and a pioneer of the world's space exploration.

The amazing stamp collection archive of Colnect features a rarity in the Maldives Space Explorations of US and USSR series with the John Glenn and USA Mercury Spacecraft stamp.

The space race captured the attention of people all over the globe, as human beings strove for the mastery of discovering what lay beyond earth's atmosphere. John Glenn was pivotal to the US's voyages into the great beyond, and on February 20 1962, he became the first to actually orbit the planet.

The achievements of Glenn are beautifully represented on the rectangular two Maldivian laari valued stamp of Maldives. It was issued in February of 1974, and is not only in great shape, but is strikingly colorful and detailed. John Glenn and the USA voyager Mercury are shown amidst a starry backdrop of green, blue and black space.

Who would not want to relive the epic space endeavors through the fabled stamp collections of Colnect and its historic and interesting collectors' finds?

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