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Monday, April 4, 2011

Colnect Collectors FireFox Persona

On Colnect, we recommend FireFox as it provides a fast and high quality browsing experience and a new FireFox Persona is now available to all collectors using FireFox to view Colnect. To install it simply follow this link and click "Wear This Persona"

The Colnect Persona has been created by Carlos Rodriguez [venezuelanphonecards], who is also our phone cards coordinator. Thanks Carlos :)

You're welcome to write us what you think about this persona and suggest your ideas for others which will fit Colnect.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Opera 10 is Opera 9.8?! A user-agent Identity Crisis

Opera 10 has been released and naturally Colnect has to be tested with it. Although all of today's browsers are "complaint", they all produce different results for the same pages.

On Colnect, there are CSS pop-up menus for both the top menu and side menu. Perhaps not the best design decision, they are yet very functional to members browsing the site. So far, only Internet Explorer (IE) was not responding properly to the top menus. IE6 or lesser doesn't support them. IE7 does support them but displays them in the wrong position for right-to-left languages. IE8 does the job properly, as well as FireFox, Chrome and Opera. Actually, that was until the new Opera 10 came out and now the right-to-left languages display the popup CSS menus displaced and unusable. Only on Opera 10 the side menu pop-ups now have problems as well.

To ensure people choosing problematic browsers don't suffer, Colnect's code checks the browser by using its USER-AGENT string. When a problematic browser is encountered, the pop-up menus will simply not appear. That's how I found out that the brand new Opera 10 tells web server it's actually Opera 9.8 engine. See for yourself:

Identity crisis for Opera?

Link and Search

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