Sunday, October 30, 2016

More than 66,666 Hotel Key Cards!

A year and a half ago, we were celebrating 50,005 Hotel Key Cards on the catalog. Now, over 16,666 Hotel Key Cards later, we are proud to mark the new milestone of 66,666 Hotel Key Cards, showing that the catalog is only growing faster and better as the milestones pass.
"Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort - Queen of hearts" Canadian hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog
With a rate of over 1,666 cards added every month, Colnect now features a catalog with Hotel Key Cards from 196 countries, 2,907 hotel chains and 292 themes.
"Hostal de la Gavina ***** GL" Spanish hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog
We would like to thank the coordinators of the category, Ignacio F López Vico [iflvico] and Angel L. Nebro [a1954], for their wonderful work on the hotel key cards catalog.

"Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort" Egyptian hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog
We would also like to express our appreciation for the contributors who make, by adding card after card, this catalog look the way it does today.
"Carlton Inter-Continental Cannes" French hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog
Would like to help add key cards to the catalog? Learn more on the Contributor Guide.

"Park Silver Obelisco Hotel" Argentinian hotel key card, from the Colnect catalog

1 comment:

  1. Felicidades a Colnect por el hito alcanzado en tan pequeño espacio de tiempo.
    Así mimo, mi agradecimiento y enhorabuena a los cordinadores y a todos aquellos colaboradores y amigos coleccionistas de LLAVES DE HOTEL.

    Congratulations to Colnect for the milestone achieved in such a short space of time.
    So, my thanks and congratulations to the coordinators and all those collaborators and friends collectors of KEYS OF HOTEL.



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