Saturday, November 30, 2013

666 Contributors on Colnect - Making Colnect a Reality

The number 666 has been demonized quite a lot throughout history. However we can remember that it is also the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel and in that is Judaism 666 is the number which represents the creation of the world. For us on Colnect today this number represents the 666 contributors that make Colnect happen. These collectors, each with their time and collection, create extensive current collectible catalogs that are open to all and help translate Colnect to make it available in 62 languages.

The Colnect Contributors - the very beginning of the list :)
In March 2012 a 5 star system of contribution was introduced on Colnect and it seems it has been happily accepted by all Colnectors. The 5 star system allows Colnect to show it's acknowledgement of the help of the contributors and adds fun to the process.

Contributors on Colnect have helped it reach achievements such as cataloging over 1,111,111 collectible items. In the last month alone there have been over 20,000 collectible items added to the Colnect catalogs. 

Colnect started as a Phonecards database and since then has expanded to house 25 categories of collectible catalogs and growing, thanks to the good will and cooperation of collectors worldwide. Many new categories have been in the works for some time by dedicated collectors and many more are being suggested an discussed now on the New Categories forum.

We would like to thank all the contributors and wish them good luck and fun collecting! As always, we'll be happy to hear what you think, in the comments and on the forum, what do you think of the 5 star system? What do you think of the current catalogs?

Would like to become a contributor on Colnect too? Go to our Contribution Guidelines page. See you there :)


  1. First time I read about the star system. I contribute approximately at least 2-3 hours every month. Why do I have just one star? Kind regards from Motte23

  2. Ez egy nagyszerű oldal, örülök hogy egyike lehetek annak a 666 embernek.


  3. [Motte23] - awarding stars are a decision of the Colnect coordinators according to what they know about the contributors. If you are interested, I suggest you PM the coordinator of the category you are contributing to.

    [SethChimera] and [Motte23] - we are very happy and proud to have you as part of those 666! The whole Colnect community owes you a thank you :)

    1. I find it very difficult to figure out who the stamp moderator is and HOW I contact him/her. Please help! Kind regards Marie

  4. I hope you have found the Stamp coordinator on the Forums or Help section by now, If not, you can find a list of all Category Coordinators here -


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