Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 13 Marks Simon Bolivar as El Libertador - Today in History Through Collectibles

Many of the items that collectors on Colnect collect are in fact associated with certain historical events that have taken place over time. This applies especially to Stamps, Phone Cards, Coins and Banknotes. To commemorate these special historical events, countries release special issues of these items that depict images and information relevant to these events.

Through our “Today in History Through Collectibles” Blog we will highlight special events in history by featuring Collectible items from our Colnect Catalogs that are associated with historical events that took place on specific days in history.

Latin America's chief liberator, Simon Bolivar, successfully administered political and military leadership in order to free the nations that would become Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Panama from the rule of the Spanish Empire by January of 1825, and the beautiful depiction of El Libertador's legend is immortalized on the Angel Zeballos Simon Bolivar postcard.

Colnect's vast array of collectibles features this gorgeous Venezuelan postcard that reproduces the artist Angel Zeballos's famous portrait of Simon Bolivar. He is often shown with the sword, as he fought alongside soldiers in Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela against the Spaniards on his way to uniting the region, albeit for a short time, in the Pan-American Republic of Colombia.

The actual man was not just a military strategist, but also a fierce politician who used his intellect and belief to instill democratic ideologies and free the heart of Latin America from the colonial power of Spain, which is why he is also depicted in the postcard's portrait as writing at a desk.

Bolivar's letters are widely considered to be insights into his thoughts of republican values, including the "Carta de Jamaica" letter, and his adept use of the Spanish language marked him as a military hero that was also a learned man of education.

Though the united region of the Republic of Colombia disintegrated after Bolivar's resignation of the presidency on January 29, 1830, the legacy of El Libertador who instilled Latin American pride and freedom in the people of the Americas is a highly regarded one to this day. This postcard is one of numerous highlights that grace the Colnect Catalogs.

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