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Today In History Through Collectibles - 16 December

Many of the items that collectors on Colnect collect are in fact associated with certain historical events that have taken place over time. This applies especially to Stamps, Phone Cards, Coins and Banknotes. To commemorate these special historical events, countries release special issues of these items that depict images and information relevant to these events.
Through our “Today in History Through Collectibles” Blog we will highlight special events in history by featuring Collectible items from our Colnect Catalogs that are associated with historical events that took place on specific days in history.

On this day in 1773, a group of colonists from Massachusetts who were disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded and raided three British tea ships at the Boston Harbour and proceeded to dump 342 chests of tea into the harbour.  This was popularly known as "The Boston Tea Party".

This midnight raid was in protest of the British Parliament's Tea Act of 1773, which was favouring the East India Company by lowering its tea tax and granting it monopoly of the American tea trade.

As soon as the three ships known as the Dartmouth, the Elanor, and the Beaver, arrived at Boston Harbour carrying the tea, the colonists were outraged and demanded that it be returned to England.  This request was refused by the Massachusetts Governor, Thomas Hutchinson and as revenge Samuel Adams, the Patriot leader organised the "tea party".
About 60 members of the Sons of Liberty resistance group  dumped $18,000 worth of tea into the Boston Harbour on the night of 16 December 1773.
The Boston Tea Party was an important event in the growth of the American Revolution. Parliament responded to the destruction of British property by implementing Coercive Acts which also resulted in the closure of Boston's commerce until such time that the British East India Company were reimbursed their losses.  This resulted in more protest actions by the colonists and the crises escalated resulting in the start of the American Revolutionary War in 1775.

Collectibles on Colnect that Commemmorate This Day in History:

 In 1973 a set of se-tenant stamps was issued in the United States to commemorate the "Boston Tea Party":


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