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Sunday, March 18, 2018

New Category: Fruit Stickers

We are happy and proud to have added Fruit Sticker category on Colnect. This new and interesting category is now available for fruit sticker collectors around the world. 

At first glance, they may not seem special but when taking a better look fruit stickers meet all criteria to be a good collectible. Very easy to obtain, ends up taking small space, has a big selection of designs, and even the purpose of it varies. Some people are even looking at it as a reward for eating fruits. Even though it is still obscure, the popularity of it grows. So if you are not collecting them yet, might want to give it another thought next time you are about to peel it off of a fruit and throw it out.

You can now use Colnect catalog and collection management tools for fruit stickers. The sorting is available in 9 different ways: kinds of product, countries, products, brands, shapes, compositions, PLU codes, themes, and newly added.

And now the drum roll for the coordinator of fruit stickers category. We would like to introduce Luciano Massalin [lumassa49].

Would you like to contribute to fruit stickers catalog? You are welcome to check Catalog Contribution Guidelines page and find out how YOU can influence Colnect. If you are interested in trading fruit stickers then you can take a look at Colnect Marketplace

Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Category: Paper Napkins

We are happy to announce the launch of a new awesome category on Colnect. Paper napkin catalog is now available for collectors around the world.

Usually, when we hear napkin we automatically assume a rectangular item, used for wiping mouth and hands while eating. But there is much more depth to it than most think. The first use of paper napkins is dated back to 2nd century BC, in ancient China and it was mainly used for serving a tea. Nowadays, napkins cover a wide array of functionality and there even exists many origami techniques to create specific paper napkin designs.

Paper napkins category was suggested on Colnect New Categories forum several years ago. Recently, we have found a dedicated coordinator for it, luissaldanam.Now we are proud to present the category to the public with more than 13,500 items yet.

Paper napkin catalog has 9 different options for sorting. These include countries, napkin types, qualities, shapes, folds, colors, uses, themes, newly added. Collection management tools are also available for this catalog. 

Do you want to help to expand paper napkins on Colnect? Check our Catalog Contribution Guidelines page to find out how you could contribute. If you have paper napkins which you would like to sell or buy then don't forget to check out the marketplace.

Friday, January 5, 2018

New Category: Aircraft Safety Cards

A new category of Aircraft Safety Cards has just been launched on Colnect. Aircraft safety card collecting is an excellent option for travelers and graphics design enthusiasts. If you are interested in safety cards or aviation memorabilia, then you can dive into this awesome category.

Aircraft safety cards are impressive pieces of information visualization and graphics. The safety cards have no universal graphics standard to comply and demonstrate a wide variety of aesthetic approaches. The safety cards reflect the culture in which they were produced.

There are many approaches to aircraft safety card collecting. Some people like to collect things which are connected to a specific country or airline, while others like to collect aircraft collectibles. Of course, the main reason is to complete your aircraft safety card collection.

We would like to welcome the coordinator of the new category, [Guidojet], who suggested adding aircraft safety cards to Colnect catalog in June 2017.

The aircraft safety cards catalog allows sorting items by 8 characteristics, which are airlines, countries, plane manufacturers, models, compositions, formats, years, and newly added. Now Colnect's aviation memorabilia enthusiasts have a brand new and shiny catalog, along with collection management tools available to them.

Colnect has been built by collectors just like you. Are you interested in contributing too? Then you can go and check our Catalog Contribution Guidelines page and start making Colnect better.
If you want to sell or buy collectibles you're welcome to do that on the Colnect marketplace.

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