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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

7,117 Lego Sets Cataloged

Colnect's own Lego sets category has reached a new milestone of 7,117 sets cataloged.

Special thanks go to the coordinator of this category, Graeme Kilpatrick [nzexchange]. We would also like to thank everyone else who contributed and helped achieve this milestone.

Starting in 1949, replacing wooden toys with plastic and introducing the highest quality and renovating the market, Lego has constantly been rising in popularity. It's not a surprise that colorful plastic toy bricks with many different themes, which enables you to use your imagination to no limit, are this successful. 

Over the years, Lego has been releasing sets of many different video games, cartoons, and movies Even though these sets were quite popular, they are more focused on their own characters and classic themes such as Legoland.

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