Thursday, October 12, 2017

5,555 Cigarette Packs Listed

We are happy to announce that the category of Cigarette Packs has just reached a beautiful number of 5,555 items.

Cigarette Pack › Montecristo, Cigars, Greece, Colnect Catalog

First of all, a big thank you to the coordinator of this catalog [Skyforger] for working so hard to help grow Colnect. Also, the help of all collectors who contributed to developing the category catalog is very much appreciated.

Cigarette Pack › Marlboro Gold Original, Tobacco, Greece, Colnect Catalog

Varying products with different packings supported rising of cigarette packs as a collectible. Because of the popularity of collecting cigarette packs, some packages were primarily designed for collectors and are labeled as “collectible”.

Cigarette Pack › Silver Selection, Cigars, Belgium, Colnect Catalog

A flip-flop hard pack is the most popular cigarette pack type on Colnect catalog. It was introduced by Philip Morris in 1955.

Cigarette Pack › Winston, Cigarettes, USA, Colnect Catalog

Colnect has been built by collectors just like you. If you wish to contribute to our growing community of collectors and start making catalog better for other fellow collectors then you can add new items, add images and information to already existing items, help to translate catalog to your language, edit the catalog, write wiki articles, and even create your own categories.

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