Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sugar Packets, Lego Sets and Stickers - all now on Colnect

As more and more collectors join Colnect, categories of collectibles are joining in as well and at a faster rate. Today we are glad to announce the addition of three new categories, including Sugar Packets, Lego Sets and Stickers. All were added at the request of collectors on Colnect.


For the category to grow and expand, many collectors contribute information to the catalog. If you haven't contributed before and would like to know how, please read our Catalog Contribution Guidelines

The beginning of the Sugar Packet Category

All the categories are now in their infant stages, but are already off to a good start. Stickers already has 7836 items on it's catalog. The coordinators for the new categories are tuixons for Sugar Packets, nzexchange for Lego Sets and Paolo73 for Stickers.

First stages of the Lego Sets Category

Would you like to see more categories on Colnect? Collect a kind of item you would like to see on the Colnect catalog? Colnect is always looking to expand the catalogs and add all categories that collectors are interested in. The categories were born of discussion with collectors on the forums. You can participate too. You can become the coordinator of a new category. Just take a look at our More Collectibles? page. 

The new Stickers Category

 Take a look at the new categories and let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions or notes you are welcome to comment here on our blog. Thank you to all that helped on these builds.

Happy collecting for everyone :)

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