Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Collectors Take Heed! Frognector's World Journey Commences

SPOILER ALERT: great music video in the end of the post.

Collectors be warned, Frognector is out on the loose and has started his journey around the world. You can meet Frognector and Colnect's founder, Amir Wald, when they pass near you. Big collector club conventions and collector fairs are Frognector's favorites but if you have an interesting collectors shop or own an interesting personal collection, don't hesitate to make contact. If you meet Frognector and get to take a picture with him and your collection, you may win cool prizes such as Colnect memorabilia and Colnect premium membership.

The journey started in TLV airport where Frognector had enjoyed his last supply of tahini before setting out to London, United Kingdom. Tahini is very healthy and Frognector makes a great hummus even though some humans don't like the added nutritional value of flies added.

The picture heading this post, as well as those followed here are from the South Bank area. Grafiti is abundant is a small area for all rollers (bikers, skateboarders and such).

But children needn't worry as a fake beach was created where sand is in plenty as well.

And relaxing on the river bank, there's always time to make new friends.

And finally rest on a fake beach.

When the sun is down, another stroll revealed these extremely talented street musicians.

Next Destinations?
Frognector is planned to stay around London unless you can lure him next to your place. Frognector will land in Iceland's captial, Reykjavik, on July 21st and then continue to travel around Iceland.


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