Friday, January 14, 2011

18,888 Collectors Collect and Connect with Colnect

The New Year has welcomed us with the exciting news that the Colnect community is continuing to grow rapidly.  Just over a month and a half ago we announced that we have 17,171 collectors on Colnect.  The holidays and festive season ensured a surge in new collectors visiting Colnect and today we are proud to announce that we now have 18,888 Collectors who are Collecting and Connecting on COLNECT.  That is a remarkable addition of 1,717 new collectors in just over a month!

By reaching this milestone it is evident that more and more people are being hit by the “collector bug” and they are all joining in on the fun at Colnect.  We welcome our new additions to the Colnect family and we wish you all an enjoyable journey collecting and connecting with our global community on Colnect.

With a continuously growing membership base it is guaranteed that there are a larger number of collectibles available for trade and just as our numbers of collectors is increasing, so are our catalogs of collectibles growing in size.  No doubt that there’s something for everyone!

It is with our deepest gratitude that we acknowledge each and every one of you who has supported and contributed to our community in any way and who continues to ensure that we are able to offer the best service available to everyone.

If you have not yet joined in on the fun and become a member, don’t delay any further – joining Colnect is free.  Click here to sign-up today!

We also challenge and urge all our collectors to invite and recruit more collector friends to join Colnect. It’s all about sharing the experience and expanding the Colnect community.

May your collection grow during 2011 and may you meet many new collector friends while having fun on Colnect. . .

Happy collecting :)

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