Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5,555 Collectors on Colnect

Colnect's community has been growing very nicely recently and we're now 5,555 collectors, coming from 88 countries and using Colnect in 38 languages. Less than a month ago Colnect has passed the 5,000 collectors mark and so we're experiencing a growth of over 11% in a month!

Colnect enables collectors to easily manage their personal collection and coordinate swaps ans sales. Many collectors choose to display their collections on Colnect and so you can easily see our active Stamp collectors, Coin collectors, Banknote collectors, Bottle Cap collectors and Phonecard collectors.

In addition to Colnect's unique services to collectors, it offers relevant social networking features to allow members to communicate, become friends, rate each other and more.


  1. Not clear how many of the 5,000 are coin collectors, since this site covers lots of other types of collections, e.g. phone cards.

    This site uses Wiki technology; my experience with other sites based on Wikis is that they are permanently disorganized--too many cooks spoil the broth.

    Also, if you want to use the swap feature, which would seem to be the site's most useful feature, it costs 4.95 per month. And you have to depend on others' ratings in order to determine if your swap partner is honest. Site seems wide open to abuse, IMHO.


  2. Thank you for your feedback.

    Using Colnect is free of charge. Extra premium services to make your use of Colnect easier are paid.

    It's quite easy to see how many active coin collectors who have chosen to manage their collection on Colnect there are. Under the "Coins" menu, choose "Active coin collectors".

    Oon Colnect only registered members are allowed to contribute information and each piece of information is checked by an editor. There's also the category's coordinator, who's the "chef" in your analogy. The editors are "assistant chefs" and contributors help around in the kitchen. I hope that clarified the point :)

    Happy collecting :)


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